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In memory of Keren Shemesh

Better Juice regrets to inform you of the recent passing of Keren Shemesh.

Karen was a loyal, dedicated and inspirational member of the Better Juice team and she will be forever missed. 

Keren was our process engineer who joined our team during first steps as a company. We worked together for almost two years, from the initial idea to the first POC.

Nine years ago, Keren was informed that she had six months to live after a recent cancer diagnosis. She was a true fighter and refused to accept her diagnosis. With the help of her amazing family and friends, she fought back and won her battle.

Keren lived for a further 9 years and continued working for Better Juice demonstrating her ongoing passion and always giving 100% and more. She inspired others with her lectures and always strived for excellence, proving to be a medical miracle.

We miss Keren dearly, she will stay in our hearts and minds forever.

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