Juice in Glass

A simple machine inserted into the juice manufacturing process to remove sugar

Better Juice’s solution uses natural enzymes in non-GMO microorganisms to convert sugars in juice to non-digestible compounds, such as dietary fibers. The product removes all sugars – namely sucrose, fructose and glucose – from all types of fruit juice, regardless of its sugar composition.

This process does not affect juice smell or taste, except for reducing the sweetness. And, manufacturers can tailor their processes to select the amount of sugar they would like to remove.

Better Juice is a patent-pending system that appends one short, simple pass-through step to the juice-making process. The Better Juice continuous-flow column contains immobilized non-GMO microorganisms. When the juice passes through the column, the enzymes within the microorganisms bio-convert juice sugars to healthy dietary fibers and non-digestible sugars. This natural fermentation-free process occurs without adding or removing ingredients.

The column can produce high volumes of juice: 1000X liters of juice per 1X-liter column.

Benefits of the Better Juice process

Ideal for all types of juice sugars:
sucrose, glucose and fructose

Reduces calories

Works on

all types of

fruit juices

Adds dietary fibers


Maintains juice properties, such as smell and taste
(except for reducing sweetness)

The solution

  • Has minimal impact on final juice cost

  • Offers flexible capacity

  • Integrates easily into existing manufacturer facilities

  • Easy to operate and maintain

  • Is environmentally friendly since all waste materials are food grade and can be used as feed

Key differentiators​

In a league of its own, Better Juice delivers the following benefits:

  • Employs a creative process that uses immobilized microorganisms instead of fermentation, added enzymes or other techniques

  • Inexpensive to operate

  • Does not need highly skilled staff

  • Does not add secondary metabolites

  • Increases dietary fibers

Value-added products and services

Better Juice also provides on-site turnkey services for manufacturing facilities to perform and manage the sugar-removal process. For some select companies, Better Juice will prepare and market commercial ready-made sugar-reduced juice.